Fuel Tank Installation & More in Yukon


Not only can we take care of fuel tank installation in Yukon Territory, we can also supply them. Milligan Sheet Metal Ltd proudly supplies and installs tanks ranging from 100 gallons to 1000 gallons in size. We also supply and install fuel lines and filter systems.

As always, our technicians are fully trained and approved so you can trust us with your fuel tank installation job in the Yukon. We even have certified ROTH installers on staff. Milligan Sheet Metal Ltd has been trusted by Whitehorse residents, businesses, and industrial facilities alike for years; experience our excellent workmanship by contacting us about our services today.


Fuel Tanks

A good quality fuel tank succeeds in keeping you and your loved ones safe, especially children and pets who are unaware of the dangers of hazardous fuels.

If you notice a leaky tank or suspect damage, be sure to call us right away for a new fuel tank installation at your Yukon property. A damaged fuel tank can be hazardous to your health and safety. Being stored outside and contact with harsh natural elements can also shorten your tank’s life span.

Fuel Lines

It is also important to have a professional install fuel lines. Fuel lines should be installed along walls and away from high-traffic areas. Propane is an odourless gas and can cause nervous system damage in high concentrations, so if your home heating system runs on this gas, be sure to keep yourself safe.


Did you know it’s recommended to check your furnace filter once a month? Your filter plays a large part in protecting your fan by filtering out dust and debris that gets sucked in. Thus, the health of your filter directly influences how well your furnace works.

A filter with a high MERV rating means it can filter out more particulate, but it can also make your furnace work harder and break down. There are a myriad of different filter types and sizes, from cheap disposable ones to permanent reusable ones and electrostatic filters.

If you have any questions about your fuel system and filters, please ask us. We are seasoned professionals who have been working with oil and propane for years in Whitehorse. Call us today for professional fuel installations in the Yukon.

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